About Us

Welcome to Des Moines Telugu Badi! Your source for Telugu learning in the Des Moines region. With a thought that your mother tongue is the best means of empowering today's kids in the goal of learning multiple languages, Des Moines Telugu Badi started as a formal non-profit organization in the year 2013.

Des Moines Telugu Badi is a non-profit organization run entirely by volunteers who are passionate about the Telugu language. The main goal of the organization is to preserve, maintain and perpetuate the heritage of Telugu Culture by imparting Telugu Language skills to anyone interested in learning the language, and to assist and promote literary, cultural, educational and community affairs of Telugu speaking people.

Before a formal organization was setup and registered, the first classes of Des Moines Telugu Badi were started by a group of individuals way back in 2010. Classes were held once every two weeks in the West Des Moines and Urbandale Public libraries. With a maximum strength of around 10 students when it started, the 4-5 volunteers who took turns to teach brought interest and enthusiasm in the kids and parents alike. With the encouragement gained by the number of students coming for the classes and with the support of the parents, this small group slowly evolved into its current form. In the current year, 101 students attended classes. 2 students graduated from Vistaaram and will be awarded their completion certificates in this year's Ugadi Sambaraalu.

In order to be able to get the kids into a school routine, classes start around Labour Day and end around Memorial Day weekend. There is one class per week and no classes during Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year and Spring Break time.

Every year Des Moines Telugu Badi has also been conducting its annual cultural celebration in the form of Ugadi Celebrations around the time of Ugadi. This function too initially started out as a small self contained function in 2012 and grew into a community event by 2015. This celebration is intended to showcase some of the skills that the Telugu Badi students have gained by presenting items such as skits, poetry, dances and various other forms of entertainment.